Installing & Activating SignatureFlow

Download and Install SignatureFlow


To install SignatureFlow, you will need to request the download links from our support team. 

  • Email requesting installation links
  • Once our team responds, click the link provided in the email
  • An installer package will be downloaded
  • Run the .exe file and follow installation prompts
    • (image below from Google Chrome Browser)

  • Once installation is complete, you will see a SignatureFlow icon on your desktop. Double click to open

  • Once open, click on “Login”

  • If you are a licensed user, enter your Username, Password and Product Key to login. You may now skip to move on to the next section, “How to Activate your SignatureFlow Account”
  • To complete your trial installation, please click “I need a Trial Key” from the login window

  • Enter in all of the information in the “TrialRegistration” window and click “Submit and Register”

  • A login screen will appear with your Username, Password and Product Key filled in. Click “Login”

  • You are now ready to continue on to the next step, “How to Activate your SignatureFlow Account”

Activating your SignatureFlow Account

Step 1: Logging into SignatureFlow

  • Open SignatureFlow from your desktop application
  • Click the “Login” button

  • If the login window contains your email address, password and Product Key already filled in, you can close this window and proceed to Step 2: Activate your SignatureFlow Account.
  • If you are not automatically logged in, you will need to be added as a User by your Firm Administrator <link to instructions>. Once added, you will receive an email notification
  • Click the Link in the Invitation Email

  • Complete all Required Fields. Password must be at least 6 characters in length and contain 3 of the 4 listed requirements
  • Once completed, click the green “Create Account” button at the bottom

  • Once your password has been successfully created, you will receive a “Congratulations” notification

Please note: The notification says SafeSend but applies to your SignatureFlow account creation

Step 2: Activate your SignatureFlow Account

  • Open the SignatureFlow application from your Desktop 2. Click the “Send For Signature” button

  • To finish the Activation process, you will need to go through the steps of preparing a document for signature. However, no document will be sent during this activation process.


  • In the Signer Field, enter an email address other than your own
  • Attach either a PDF or a Word document by clicking “+Add” button
  • Enter any and all required metadata
  • Click “Continue to Signature Placement”

  • The first time you click on “Continue to Signature Placement” you will have to Accept Terms And Conditions from Adobe EchoSign in the CPA SafeSign Terms And Conditions window

  • Once you click “Accept”, you will receive 2 emails from (Check SPAM/JUNK)
  1. Welcome Email
  2. Verification Email
  • Click on the “Activate Your Account” link in the verification email. This link will take you to the Adobe EchoSign

  • Log into EchoSign with the same credentials (email & password) you use for SignatureFlow

  • Once logged in, you should see a SignatureFlow logo in the upper left corner of your screen

  • If you see that logo, you have been fully activated and are ready to use SignatureFlow. You can close this window and return to the SignatureFlow application
  • When you return to the SignatureFlow application, your activation has been completed and you will be able send a document out for electronic signature
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