How can I send a Reminder to E-Sign? (manually)

Through your Signature Report in SignatureFlow, you are able to send manual reminders to the next signer of any document that is listed as ”Out for Signature”. Sending reminders is a powerful and simple tool to use from within your report. These reminders will only go out to the next person who has yet to sign the document. You are able to send as many reminders as are needed and you can track when a reminder was last sent by using the “Last Notification” column in your Signature Report.

  • With SignatureFlow is open, click on Signature Report

  • To send a reminder for one document, locate the desired document in your Signature Report, rightclick on it and select “Send Reminder”

Please Note: you are NOT able to send reminders if a document has been signed

  • You will immediately receive a “Reminder Sent Successfully” message. Click OK to close

  • To send multiple reminders at one time, select the check boxes next to any documents that need to receive reminders, right-click and select “Send Reminder”

  • Once sent, you will immediately receive a “Reminder Sent Successfully” message, listing all documents that received a reminder. Click “OK” to close

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