Why am I Getting a Script Error When I Send for Signature?

  • This may occur if you have not yet accepted EchoSign’s “Terms of Service”
  • If you receive a Script Error when you first click “Continue to Signature Placement” click “Yes”
  • The error will disappear
  • Echosign’s “Terms of Service” should appear in a new SignatureFlow window. If you do not see this window, please check to see if it is minimized in your Task Bar/Systems Tray
  • Click “Accept”
  • Click “OK” to the SignatureFlow account creation pop-up
  • Go into your email and open the EchoSign Welcome email and click the “Activate your account” link found in the body of the email
  • Log in to EchoSign using your SignatureFlow credentials (email address and password)
  • You should see a SignatureFlow logo in the upper left of your screen. If so, you are finished and can continue sending your 8879
  • If you see an EchoSign logo after you’ve logged in (rather than the SignatureFlow), please contact our support team. Your EchoSign account will need to be moved into the SignatureFlow channel

Click Here for a video of the above

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