How do I enable KBA for my firm?

When SignatureFlow is first installed, the ability to use Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA, an IRS requirement when sending 8879s for e-signature) is not disable by default. cPaperless does this because using KBA costs more ($1/signer) and we require that you enable it verifying that you, as the firm administrator, are aware of these additional costs. To enable KBA for your entire firm, follow the steps below.

To Enable KBA

  • Open SignatureFlow and click on “Settings”

  • Select the "Company Settings" tab and "Authentication"
  • Check the “Enable Knowledge-Based Authentication” check box and click “Apply” or “Save and Close”

  • Once Applied or Saved, a “Confirm KBA Election” message will appear. Select “OK”

  • KBA will now be enabled and will be a selection under "Require Authentication"
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