What if I am Sending to two recipients with only one email address?

Licensed User Experience

  • Open SignatureFlow and select “Send For Signature”

  • Enter the Signer’s email address in the Signer’s field twice, separated by either a comma or a semicolon

  • Attach your document in either PDF or Word format and enter the Required Report Information and desired optional information

  • Click “Continue to Signature Placement” – This will prepare the document for the next stage: Signature Placement

  • Select Participant by choosing the Primary Taxpayer (first email address)
  • Notice that EchoSign differentiates by automatically place a "(1)" both in front and after the email address (this is the second signer)

  • Drag & Drop signature box to desired location(s) (all places on the document where Primary Taxpayer should sign)

  • Change participant to Spouse/Second Signer (second email address, signified by “(1)”)

  • Drag and drop signature boxes where Spouse is required to sign
  • Once all signature fields have been placed, click “Send” to send the document

  • The document is now on its way to your client’s email inbox


Client Experience

Once the document has been sent, the primary taxpayer will receive an email notification. The notification will contain a link, which will open a document and request that the client electronically sign.

  • Open notification email and click on highlighted link

  • Follow the onscreen instructions "Start"

  • Follow the onscreen instructions – “Click here to sign”

  • Client will have 2 options when applying their signature(s)
  • Client can sign using their keyboard and typing their name
  • Client can use mouse, finger or stylus to draw their signature
  • Once signed, click “Apply”

  • Once applied, click "Next" to go to the next signature field

  • Once the client has finished applying their signature in all required locations, they simply “Click to Sign”

  • Once the Primary Taxpayer has completed signing the Engagement Letter, another email will immediately be sent to the Spouse, at the same email address, so that they can apply their signature to the letter
  • The Spouse will go through the same process that the Primary Taxpayer went through
  • Once both the Primary Taxpayer and Spouse have signed the document, they will each receive a final copy. This copy can be accessed by clicking on the “Download Link” in their email notifications

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