How to add a Custom Data Field and a Report Column?

You may want to create a custom data field to add for when you " Send for Signature" and possibly add it as a column under the "Signature Report."   

1.) Adding a Data Field

  • Start off by going to "Settings"
  • Then select "Company Settings" and "Manage Data Fields"

  • This will take you to a separate pop-up "Manage Data Fields" that will provide an option to add a "Custom" field
  • Here you can select the first available that you would like to add. For this example, ours is Field 8.

  • Start by selecting "Edit Name" 
  • This will bring up a new pop-up for you to enter the name that you would like for your Data Field to be. For our example, we will be creating a section for the "Client Name"
  • After you have entered the name select "OK" at the bottom

  • Next, you will want to choose your "Type", "Configure", "Enable", and "Required"

  • Type is what kind of field you want this to be. Either a "Pick List" or "Data Entry"
    • Pick List - this is going to be a drop-down menu. You will use "Configure" for this option.
    • Configure is where you enter the information that you would like to have in your drop down.
    • You would select "Items" and this will bring up a separate window that will you to "Add" to assign to the document. For the example image below I used the "Configure" items from the field "Tax Year"
    • After you had added the drop down option(s) you will need to "Check" the items you want to be listed
    • Select "Apply" 
    • Then "Save and Close" 


  • Data Entry - This is where you be provided a field to type in the information that you would like. For our example, we will be using this type. 
  • Enable - This will Enable the field that is created/listed to be an option to complete when sending documents.
  • Required - This will make the field a requirement to be completed before anyone is able to send the document. Note: It has be checked under "Enabled" before you can make it a "Required"

  • After you have all of your information entered for your field select "Apply" at the bottom
  • Then "Save and Close" 
  • Since our Data Field was marked as required it now shows at the bottom of "Send for Signature" under the section "Required Report Information"

2.) Adding a Column for the Signature Report 

After you have added the Custom Data Field you can add it as a Custom Column for the Signature report. 

  • Start by selecting the "Select Columns" icon at the top. This will bring up a separate window that will list all the columns that you can choose from. 

  • In the "Signature Flow Report Columns"  this is where you can select the columns that you would like to have listed.
  • You can move the order of the column by selecting the "Move Up" and "Move Down" on the right side.
  •  After you have it selected on the left-hand side and where you would like to have listed in the Signature Report select "OK" at the bottom. 
  • This will now have your column listed. 





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