How to send batch reminders?

To do this you would need to select the "checkbox" on the left side of the line items for the documents you would like to do send a reminder for. Please Note: You can only do a page section at a time. 

Then "right-click" over any of the checked off documents and select "Send Reminder"
And this will send a reminder for all documents select. 

Once completed it will provide you with a confirmation box listing all documents that were successfully sent documents. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The more documents selected the longer it will take to process. 



As an example using the image below, We filtered the report to show all documents listed for an "Engagement Letter" under Document Type & "Out for Signature" under E-Signature Status.

Once filtered you can select the very top "Check Box" on the left side of the report and this will select all the documents showing.

Next, you would just "right-click" over any document to receive the drop-down menu where it will provide you the option to "Send Reminder." 

This will send a reminder to all the documents that are selected.

Once it has been completed it will provide you with a pop-up box showing a list for all the documents that the reminder was sent to. 

The larger the number of documents selected the longer it can take to process. For a full page selected please allow up to 5 minutes for it to process. 

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